Procurement Opportunities

VOLCO completes a processed commodity bid each year. We begin working on specifications and product selecting during the months of November and December. The procurement document is sent out by mid-January with deadline for bid returns in February. Bids are analyzed and awarded in early March and notification of award is usually complete by the end of March. If you are interested in being added to the list of vendors to receive procurement packets for our processed commodity bid, please contact the VOLCO Procurement Coordinator.

CURRENT SOLICITATION OPPORTUNITIES: VOLCO does not have any procurement opportunities at this time. 

VOLCO has several commercial procurement opportunities. This includes the following:

Milk & Dairy

Ice Cream

Fresh Bread

Beverages (Soft Drink)


Pizza Concept Program

Pizza Component

Fresh Pizza


Hood Cleaning

Frozen Drink

Broadline Distributor

All bids are awarded as a 1 (one) year agreement with the option to renew up to 4 (Four) additional years. If you are interested in receiving a procurement packet for a particular bid, please contact Ronda Lewis for more information.